Falmouth Road Race 2020

UPDATE! JTP has been accepted to participate in the 2020 NFNP FALMOUTH ROAD RACE!!

Because of our 2019 Falmouth Runners, Jen and I were recently able to make the calls to give away financial gifts to 5 couples battling infertility! These couples live in different States across America. This is unbelievable and truly the best and most difficult part of our nonprofit. As we make calls to the recipients, it’s incredible to be able to hear the voices on the other end of the phone to be able to give or reignite hope. At the same time, our hearts break for the other 40+ applicants who we couldn’t help this time. This is what reignites all of us at JTP–to keep working to raise funds for the JTP Grant Program. We’d like to thank all of our runners and everyone who donated to make those 5 grants a reality. Go Team JTP!💚💙 the application went in Oct, for Falmouth 2020! Fingers crossed.. and praying we get in again!! We’ll keep you posted!


Congratulations Natalie & Kate!

Congratulations to Natalie & Kate on welcoming their first child into the world! Welcome baby Silas!

On December 6, 2017 we got the phone call and email that JTP was going to help our dreams become a reality and our devastating journey to parenthood turn into an exciting and joyful one.

On December 6, 2018, exactly one year later, we welcomed our first child into the world.

Meet Silas.

Thank you will never be enough.