Mission Statement


It is our mission to help couples and individuals dealing with infertility
achieve their dreams of becoming parents by providing financial and
emotional support along their journey, as well as to provide education and

Through our foundation, we will raise money to provide financial grants for
those seeking fertility treatments, surrogacy or adoption to lessen the
financial burden that is too often associated with infertility.

We will set up social support groups to connect individuals and couples
dealing with the emotional impact of infertility to help limit the feelings of
isolation. Our vision includes working with other organizations with a
similar mission to assist infertile couples to make the best individual
decisions. We plan to do this by providing education and resources through
our website and various other outlets.

We strongly believe that all couples and individuals who wish to love and
care for a child should not be stripped of their dream or limited due to
financial constraints. “Our Dream” is for those struggling with infertility to
realize their dreams of parenthood.

What comes so naturally for many should not be such a hardship for
millions of others.